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"Within a month I was offered a cleaning account paying $2500 per month which I am able to clean in about 4 hours per night. Life is good!!"
- Maria S.
"I already had a few small clients cleaning offices when I joined. I never dreamed things could change so fast. I’m in my 4th month and I just hired 3 more people to handle all of the new business."
- Juan B.

"I was having a hard time getting the larger cleaning accounts.The managers always said,  “you have to call corporate” which always led to a dead end.As a member, I just wait to be contacted by the companies that get all of the large accounts nationwide.Once you earn their trust, the sky is the limit !!"
-Doug M.
"This is a great membership! I was cleaning hotel rooms for $10 per hour. My first account was a medical office which I clean 3 nights per week. This office is so much easier to clean than hotel rooms. I make more money on this account than working 30 hours per week at the hotel. The customer loves my work and I am looking to expand."
- Gloria M.
"After the 3rd month I was getting concerned as I had not been contacted. Halfway through month 4 the phone rang and I was offered 2 restaurants that paid $1700 and $2500 per month. I am very pleased."
- Ana N.

"I started my cleaning business in 2001 and have worked very hard to get new clients.We have two
outside salespeople that work 40 hours a week which do quite well but are a big expense.After our
5th month as members, we no longer use salespeople.Our phone rings with offers on contracts
that are very profitable which has completely changed the way we get new clients."
-Mike R.
"My wife and I had been cleaning for a janitorial service for over 12 years when I found your site. The first week we got a coffee shop 5 nights per week. Five months later we accepted a clothing store 7 nights per week cleaning only trash, restrooms and floors. I now make more money in one month than 3 months at our old job."
- Antonio F.
"I signed up and after two months I started cleaning an office building. It was too big for one person so I split it with my sister and we both make great money now."
- Roberto C.
"I own a medium size cleaning service for 5 years servicing condos and offices.Its tough getting larger accounts so I joined thinking… 27 cents a day… big deal. It worked, a large cleaning company out of Texas pays me on time every month without fail. I hired 8 more people to handle the national fitness chain locations we now service in my area of Florida."
- Joseph H.
"I thought I was doing ok. My daughter and I were cleaning several condos a day and making a good living. I got several offers in the first few months to clean different types of businesses but did not want to do that type of cleaning. In the 8th month, I was contacted by a  large company that had been awarded the contract to clean all of the condos in a very expensive 15 story condominium building downtown. The homeowners association wanted to reduce the number of outside vendors entering the building so they went with one company to clean all the residences. So far we have tripled our income and will probably take on more. I love having all of my clients under one roof and one check."
- Liliana A.

"I like the cleaning business but I hate sales…this was my answer.The big companies close the deals and I service the accounts.I have actually turned down business."
-Marianna G.

"If someone had told me six months ago that I would be this busy,I would not have believed them.This was the best decision I have ever made."
-Howard N.

"My wife and I were concerned that being a subcontractor would not leave enough money on the table for these jobs. The first building we took allowed us to make 50% profit after hiring a crew.We had no idea there would be this much profit in this type of arrangement."
-Peter S.

"I had spent a lot of money on advertising over the years…SEO,Pay-per-click,direct mail which never brought us the results we were looking for.The first account we started has profited us $1,200 per month.Since then, we have gained four additional accounts.This membership has increased our business by leaps and bounds."
-Sam D.

" A friend in his own cleaning business referred me to your site.He had tried for years to convince
me to open my own cleaning business.After hearing of his success, I decided to sign up.
I could not have dreamed how fast things could change ! In 3 months I have gone from working
for a lawn service to servicing 4 daycare centers five nights per week.The money is crazy!!
This membership has transformed my life and I can now see me making $100,000 a year
within a year of opening this business."
-Carlos P.

"I am the owner of a medium size commercial cleaning service for the past 12 years.
We get a lot of business through advertising and referrals but sadly none of this
helps when you are going after the accounts that are nationwide.After signing up
that all changed. Now I am contacted by the companies that have the contracts
in place with the national chains. It is a pleasure to be wanted for your service
and have a source that sends me business for just becoming a member."
-Carl M.

I am delighted to share the results of my membership.On month three we took
on a hotel cleaning the common areas only.Two months later, we accepted a
theme park I used to visit as a child. Both are multi-year contracts.
-Susan B.

After three months, I was contacted by a large company that had just been awarded
the contract for a nationwide clothing chain.The specifications were for trash,sweeping
and mopping, vacuuming and restrooms six nights per week. One month later, we took
on 3 more locations which are all within 10 miles of our service area. These are 3 year
contracts with the option to renew for another 3 years. This has completely changed the
outlook of our business.
-Cliff D.

My partner and I have a combined 26 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry.
I rarely share any business experiences, but because of the results that this membership has
brought us I am willing to tell my story.Honestly I was skeptical about this arrangement, but
I know firsthand that the larger accounts are only given to cleaning companies that can
offer nationwide coverage. There is a lot of money in these type of accounts and I wanted
a piece of it. I figured for $100 a year what do I have to lose. The second month we got a call
to service several bowling alleys. Although I was glad to get the offer, I wasn't thrilled about
having my people cleaning after midnight so I turned it down. Eight months later I was
contacted by a company that had just been given a contract for a property management
company to clean their multi-tenant office buildings. This was right up our alley so I signed
a one year contract on a 220,000 square foot property. If you are in the cleaning business
you already know how much effort it takes to just get in the door of a building this size.
Two months later we signed a 2 year contract with the same company to service a large shopping
mall which I had unsuccessfully attempted to get last year. Our profit margins are the same
regardless of the fact that we are sub-contractors...these companies are not greedy they would rather
make a small amount of profit on 1500 locations than not get the contract at all. The bottom line,
this is for real and I for one am impressed. These big contracts are being negotiated every day so
you never know when the phone will ring and when it does the results are huge.
-Tom B.

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