Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get started?

We charge an annual fee of $100 (27 cents per day) to become a member. You are immediately made available to all of the major companies that we have relationships which are signing contracts daily.

What is an independent contractor and do I qualify?

Anyone that has experience in residential or commercial cleaning can be an independent contractor.These major companies are looking for dependable individuals, couples or more for small to medium size accounts.On larger accounts they will divide up a property and place several contractors in the same location…such as a shopping mall.

Are there any special requirements?

Depending on the company, you may need an occupational license for your city or county which can be easily purchased in your local office for $30-$50 per year.

Why don’t they just hire employees?

For obvious reasons…$$…it cost them a lot more in FICA, training, managing, etc.

How much can I expect to make?

These companies tend to keep only a small percentage from each account. They cannot be greedy or they wouldn’t win the contracts in the first place. For a better idea… Click here

How am I paid?

Most companies pay bi-weekly or monthly by check or automatic deposit.

How many days/nights per week are these cleaning accounts?

They are all different… Most are done in the evening 5 nights per week. Some are cleaned during the day, some are 3 times per week, some are weekly.

How many accounts can I get?

That depends on you…most of these companies like to give you as much as you can handle especially once you have earned their trust in your work.

How long before I get an account offered to me?

These companies are being awarded contracts daily.When a company has an opening in your area,
for a better idea…Click here

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